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English summary - Foto van medewerker van Clavis die vriendelijk in de camera kijkt.


What we do

As one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands, Clavis consists of a team of professionals all working towards the same goal: to help families manage their assets in a meaningful way.

From asset management and managerial activities to family office activities, structuring and administration: as an all-round financial service provider, Clavis is able to assist its clients from start to finish. Our services consist of two main pillars: the first being asset management and the second managerial activities and consultation services.

Safeguarding wealth is trickier than gaining it. A challenge that calls for strategic asset management.

Our story

Clavis has been working with family assets with a dedicated team of experienced specialists since 2008. Our company culture is based on the five pillars of a ‘beating heart’, customer interest and experience, adaptive ability, critical thinking, and sharpness with integrity.

With a trust license and under the supervision of both the DNB and the AFM, we help our clients get the most out of their assets. This means seizing opportunities and managing risks, while safeguarding the assets for the next generation in a meaningful and positive way in line with ESG values.

In short: Clavis contributes to next-generation happiness.

Clavis: the New Standard in Family Assets

Safeguarding wealth is trickier than gaining it. A challenge that calls for strategic asset management. Let us apply our expertise and deep understanding of our clients to help you achieve just that. As a trusted advisor and operator, we know the world of asset management inside and out. That is why we introduced the New Standard in Family Assets.

360-degree asset management

Part of our New Standard is the Wealth Control Framework. The WCF standardizes repeated processes to ensure an efficient way of working and optimal execution. Adding value in terms of price, best practices, volume, control, and compliance, it ensures a higher quality overall and adds the most crucial ingredient for any collaboration: trust.

Would you like to pick our brain?

We gladly share our expertise with you. Please contact Floris or John to schedule a meeting.

Floris Mutsaerts

Floris Mutsaerts

John Vermeule

John Vermeule